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There’s a magical quality about the summer season that makes me nostalgic for the simpler times of old. For instance, when I see a pile of bikes scattered on a driveway in my neighbourhood I’m reminded of long days spent with friends riding around town, buying popsicles at our local convenience store and spending hours laying around (and sometimes in) the Silver Creek river in Mississauga. In those days kids didn’t carry cell phones, so bikes strewn about our friends’ yard was our “Bat Signal” to come over and hang out. We only knew it was time to come home when the streetlights came on. Life moved at a slower rhythm and we took each day as it came – the present was all we had so our days felt abundant. These languid summer days from my childhood have transformed into lessons on staying present in my adult life. Now more than ever, it’s a mental exercise to focus on the now without worrying about the future. If you’re feeling anxious, uncertain or afraid during this unpredictable time (let’s be honest who isn’t) try to reconnect with your inner child. Rediscover and fulfill the quiet joys of your child self, and allow your adult worries to melt away. For me that is travelling to a creek and spending the afternoon amongst nature; what/ where/ who is your portal to your childhood self?