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 Tutors are helping their students prepare for the final exams of the year, which means one thing: summer break! Many parents wonder whether summer tutoring sessions are necessary considering that school’s out but they typically pass on the opportunities that are offered. We all heard the common argument that students will lose over 30% of the knowledge gained that school year along with the importance of maintaining an academic routine, but why else is summer tutoring imperative for your child? We compiled a list of the 3 most compelling reasons parents are booking OSF tutors for the summer months.

1. 90 Days of Activities

            The summer months impose new responsibilities on parents, like having to keep their children entertained for 3 whole months! An OSF tutor can fill that schedule to ensure that your child is entertained and active rather than fatigued and flustered. Two methods used in the past to help students improve over the summer are planting/potting seeds to improve on plant biology and fun cooking experiments that help with chemistry!

2. No Distractions

            Without schoolwork, students have the opportunity to learn more about the stuff that interests them, gain self-confidence and social skills as well as learn more about themselves. It is also an opportunity for OSF tutors to help students work on areas of improvement from the year before, uninterrupted by day-to-day homework and test preparation. By asking the right questions, your child will experience the personal growth necessary to start the new school year strong, motivated, and with a fresh perspective.

3. Give Their Day Balance

            One of the benefits of school being in session is that it gives your child’s day a balance between academia and play. There is a complete disregard for that balance during the summer months, giving the students that maintained that balance one less challenge at the start of the school year. Booking an OSF tutor during this precise time will give your child’s week structure and stability, ultimately improving their mental health and removing unnecessary challenges at the start of the new school year.

            Summer tutoring sessions with OSF will not only improve your child’s summer experience but will give them a head start on the new school year. Book your tutor today!