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It happens to everybody; you find yourself at the bottom of the page and you realize you have no idea what you just read. Maybe a word or thought distracted you or maybe the topic is disinteresting? Now imagine how many more distractions your child has when they attempt to read for school. We made a list of ways to combat passive reading and encourage focused reading- to save students time when studying!

  • Visual Aids

            Using a visual representation such as a figurine or statuette can help the reader follow the actions of a character in their plot. It not only encourages the comprehension of literary devices used throughout text, but also helps organize the rising, climax, and falling actions for the reader.

  • Preview the Information

            Familiarizing yourself with the general sense of a text before you start reading will help you stay on track because you know what to expect. This also makes vague and difficult language used by authors easier to understand because readers have a deeper context than what has already been offered by the story.

  • Guided Reading 

            The best method for focused reading is having someone there to help you through it! An OSF tutor will keep your children actively engaged with their readings by doing them together and preventing them from leaving it to the last minute. Not to mention, having someone there to reflect on the text helps students retain key information.


            An OSF tutor is the ultimate tool for fighting passive reading and cutting down on study time. Get in touch with an OSF tutor today!