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 Technology is a double-edged sword for our children because although it grants them access to a plethora of information, it also distracts them from it. Now more than ever, households are filled with devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, etc. all with constant access to the internet. The key is to create a distraction-free work environment at home that encourages students to focus on their academic work rather than get distracted and lose focus. Here are two ways to get you started:

  1. Tech Detox

            Creating a suitable academic environment requires the removal of distractions from their workspace. One step toward achieving this would be picking a space with no tv or smartphones and limiting the functionality of a computer. This could be the room in which they ‘disconnect’ from their regular access to tech.

  1. Consistency and Integrity

            Creating a successful academic workspace is one thing, but maintaining its integrity is just as important. This means all academic work should be executed here, not just studying for exams and big tests. Starting a new routine is always a challenge, but the reward will be priceless.

            Creating this environment will also help an OSF tutor ensure that your child makes the most out of each session. Call us today and start making a difference in your child’s academic career!