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“Success is not a destination, it is a journey”
It’s never too early to start learning! Children by the age of 4 can understand the basic concepts of reading and writing. When you work with us, we allow our tutors to lay a strong foundation in those subjects for your children. We believe that learning experiences at a young age provides a strong base for the child’s development moving forward. When children are learning earlier on in their lives, they are better equipped socially and mentally for the future. You will find our tutors patient and passionate about their work. Let’s work together to help your child start their educational experience in a positive manner.
Why Should You Choose OSF For Your Child?

● Our tutors are young and dynamic
● We have great mentors and role models
● Flexible schedule (catered to you and your child)
● We build a great foundation that will help your child on an academic platform for many upcoming years
● Our prices are very affordable