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“Success is not a destination, it is a journey”
Elementary: Grade 1 – 8
Elementary schools provide one of the first steps to your child’s education. Children are assigned teachers that are introducing new concepts in subjects such as Language, Math and Science. That can be an intimidating task for any child because they are placed in an unfamiliar setting, with kids they do not know and are forced to work at the pace of their teachers.

Meanwhile, at the same time students are being prepared for high school. Your child will be introduced to the concept of semesters and will be divided between college and university level courses. At One Step Forward, we emphasize traits and work habits that will be useful to your child when making that jump to secondary school.

Work ethic, organization and time management is some of the many skills OSF tutors teach our students to help them adapt moving forward. Academically, we will have them prepared in all major subjects such as English, Math and Science.