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“Success is not a destination, it is a journey”

We believe high school is a very critical part of your child’s social and academic life. During this time period, students build life-long relationships and prepare for university, college or an apprenticeship. The biggest issue most teenagers in high school face is peer pressure. This is where parents will find their children falling behind in their academics.

At One Step Forward, our tutors are excellent role models and provide one on one coaching throughout their tutoring sessions. We will help build your child’s confidence, while letting them express their opinions. Confidence is the most important trait a child could possess, especially in a high school environment. We will build your child’s self-esteem by focusing on the positives and valuing their strengths. Once children believe in themselves, they can achieve all their goals.

As parents, you will also find your child’s disinterest towards their academics due to the barriers between students and their teachers. When there is 1 teacher lecturing 20 students, misunderstandings can be very common within a classroom. At One Step Forward, you will find our tutors work with our students in a very detailed and efficient manner. For instance, we will provide personalized plans for all students. This way, literature such as Shakespeare and subjects like Calculus are not daunting for your child. It is our job at One Step Forward to help our students on all academic and social areas.